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Apparel Investigator

A Google Chrome Extension

See an article of clothing or a pair shoes on a website that you just have to have, but not sure how to find or purchase it?

Apparel Investigator allows you to quickly and effortlessly ask Zappos.com investigators to track down the clothing and shoes you are curious about on the web.

  1. Step-1

    1. Select an Item of Interest

    When you see an item on a website that you're curious about, just click the Apparel Investigator icon and select the item you'd like us to provide information about!

  2. Step-2

    2. Tell Us How to Reach You

    Once you've selected the item you'd like us to investigate, we'll need just a little more information to better serve you. The more details you can give us up front, the quicker the investigation will be! (We won't use your email for anything other than your request.)

  3. Step-3

    3. Receive a Response

    We'll email you with the results of our investigation. We try our best to find the exact item, but we'll also find similar items on Zappos.com and on other popular retail sites!

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